Happiness is…

Recounting a weekend of absolute joy and the moments that made it so.

Happiness is..

…discovering an untamed forest patch amidst the concrete jungle that my city is.


…a long relaxed, Saturday morning walk with a dear friend through that endearing forest patch…


….and then a delightful breakfast over many cups of tea with a couple whose house feels like home to me..

(and the fact that the breakfast was aloo paratha just made it a double shot of happiness :))


I was also treated to the much acclaimed Ann’s special halwa from Kerala.


…relishing your first fiction novel after years of reading non-fiction (and finishing it over the weekend).

This book was one of my birthday gifts from last year. It came from a friend who noticed that I read a lot of non-fiction – books that carried too much of the real-world, facts and spoke the truths of our existence. It wasn’t a conscious choice to read only historical, biographical or education-related books. It just so happened that a lot of what I read fell into these categories.  On the first page of this book, he wrote;

“Dear Chaitra, let this book remind you of the power and pleasure of stories. And bring you the freedom-gained when certain ties are blown away.”


….discovering something new – a warm, little café – in a city that I thought couldn’t surprise me anymore

This cafe is named after the owner’s dog, Joshua. :)



(and after long catching up with people you enjoy talking to … over a big mug of coffee and yummy breakfast)

….finding quotes randomly in the most unexpected of places..

(on the walls of a dargah at a traffic signal opposite Sorhab Hall)


… and happiness is doing more of the things you love doing.

My second writing workshop. Sunday allowed free writing to take me down strange, unknown winding paths. Sometimes the act of committing pen to paper in a free-wheeling mode feels just as thrilling as any adventure sport. Probably because there is uncertainty mixed with fear,  an element of surprise in not knowing where you might end up as you wrap the piece up.



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