It’s been about five years since I started the blog and to date, I haven’t been able to write even two lines for the ‘About Me’ page. After about three years of that page just sitting there empty, I deleted it since I had nothing to add. It’s just incredibly hard summarizing yourself in a few lines or maybe I just don’t have the wisdom for it.

Either ways, that’s quite alright. It’s not like people are queuing up to know more about me. But there are two things worth knowing about me and these, I know about myself with certainty.

1. I love potatoes.

2. And I adore chubby kids (and adults too, if they are the cute chubby kind but we’ll get to that later.)

See the connection? I like round things.

I see them and a bio-chemcial reaction in my brain takes my hands right upto their cheeks. It’s science, I can’t fight it. What I can do and always try to do is take their parents permission before pulling their cheeks.

These are mostly pictures from my travels and few from school/family.


Baby Krishna – Met him on train to Chennai. In that 3.5 hour long journey, he did his best to pull out all hair from his already balding father’s head. Aren’t those the brightest eyes ever?


Suspicious baby at Vittala Temple, Hampi. :) Stared at us quite sometime with that quizzical look on it’s face.


Oh this one! Shivu was the child was one of the servers at the Mango Tree restaurant in Hampi. We were just about to leave after having spent almost 4 hours there when we saw this one. We spent another 30 minutes playing with it . Adorable little thing.


This little girl was crying loudly and her mother was trying to put her to sleep in a swing made out of a saree. The minute she saw a camera she stopped crying. You can still see the big, fat tears around her eyes. :)


I don’t remember where I clicked this one. I think it was at the Virupaksha Temple. I found it really cute how she clung on to her dad.


This was at a restaurant in Hospet. This one kept popping up from the table next to us. It was bubbly, happy and cute.


I love this picture. This was taken in Old Town, Teng Chong. This wasn’t one of the fattest ones there but just the way she’s shyly looking in, makes this picture adorable.


This one I did pinch. It was a little too boisterous for my taste but it was chubby and cute. Made the cut!


These two I met at an NGO that works with street children. It was just short of Diwali and just behind them was their ‘killa’ and they were explaining to me how they had built it together. The one in the blue has the most heartwarming beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.


And of course, there’s this one. Pumpkin! :) Roundness personified. My mom worked with the Turtle Club (the 9 kids in my class who had most trouble reading) everyday for an hour when she stayed me for a few months. She always said that my love for him got in the way of his learning. I could never get through even one scolding completely with Abhay.:)

Lastly, there’s of course the world’s cutest baby – aki momo but his pictures are too personal to be posted here. He’s almost two now. Can’t believe it’s been two years since I saw him.

That's Aki's chubby little hand

That’s Aki’s chubby little hand

Anyway, there was no point really to this but to capture all the roundness that I’ve witnessed in the last 1-2 years. It makes me happy to revisit these pictures every now and then. There’s no surer way to make yourself giddy with happiness than to spend half an hour in an LKG classroom. Try it, works every time for me.


One thought on “Roundness

  1. Hahaha :) I just couldn’t stop laughing as I read through this. One full blog dedicated to kids with chubby cheeks !! While reading it my mind wavered off and I started thinking about a kid I knew who had a perfect round face with big round eyes and of course chubby cheeks :) Remember who was it? Now you know why you are so fond of such kids–because YOU were roundness personified. I wish I could put one of your photographs here :)

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