Why Women in India Deserve to be Raped?

Reasons why women are attacked, molested and raped in India: tales from where one grey cell is time-shared by several politicians – a complilation by Shefaly Yogendra on Quora

1. Men eat chowmein (yes, you read that right) which causes hormonal imbalances leading to the “urge” to rape.


2. Girls have mobile phones, do not wear proper clothes and do not cover their heads.


3. Girls are not being married off while minor or young.


[Edit : China is not far behind India on this comment. I read this recent article in NY Times on China’s “Leftover” Women  (a term used for single professional women over 27). This piece was quoted on the website of China’s state feminist agency, the All-China Women’s Federation on “leftover women.”]


4. This gem from the female Chief Minister of West Bengal – Momota Didi – “women and men mingle freely”!


Of course, men are totally blameless, innocent and unconditionally respectful towards women.

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Here’s another one;

And you thought “legitimate rape” was an American senator’s gaffe? :-/. The Delhi Police here clearly outlines six reasons why women in this country deserve to get raped. Some almost ask for it, they say.


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These idiots are the so-called protectors of law. These demented, ill informed, ignorant, biased, chauvinist idiots are supposed to be protecting women in the country? Sad.

A part of me is deeply saddened by these tasteless, stupid and ignorant comments coming from dimwits who are unfortunately running my country, in some capacity or the other.  The citizen in me still manages to be hopeful, that someday all of this will change…someday it will.

But the woman in me is dejected that everyday I live and walk through a society that has has such disregard for its women. Probably  more than dejected, I’m just  really deeply enraged. Angry enough to want to slap a couple of these idiots – really just a tight, hard, full-throttle slap. Won’t change anything – but I’ll feel better.

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Edit : 26 Oct 2012

Okay, after what I just read I should probably rename this post to “Why Women world-over Deserve to be Raped?”

The American counter-parts of our dimwit Indian politicians have topped the chowmein-rape comment with a Gift-From-God-Rape comment. I don’t have words anymore.

GOP Rape Chart


9 thoughts on “Why Women in India Deserve to be Raped?

  1. This shit is truly nauseating. But is this surprising considering we kill millions of girls in wombs ?
    This is the way we have been cultured to think into. We have been taught that women are inferior and anything feminine is to be ignored or ridiculed  ( for eg. we know how effeminate attributes are fodder for humor ). This leads to objectification of women, which can be easily seen from the language (“bird-watching”; “saamaan”; “maal”).  After which treating them sub-humanly becomes natural trait.
    The thing which is really infuriating is victim blaming and sympathy towards criminals. These ppl go at ridiculous length to say how girls are to blame for what happened to them. So it is girl’s mistake if she goes home late at night; wears certain clothes; is alone in train/bus and no mistake of the guys who commit crime. As if men are some animals who cannot control what they do, and evil evil women are trying to “seduce” them into doing such deplorable act. (Those poor men!)
    One cannot get angry enough.
    And the logic used to justify is so fucking insane. Cell phone ? seriously ? how did this guy connected cell phones to rapes ?
    (By the way these are the same ppl who will call feminists are trouble makers and are trying to ruin the show)

    rest of the rant some other time

    • Absolutely Sagar.

      The Khap panchayat blaming “chowmein” for rapes is a new low for even them. How far will they go to protect the animals who commit these crimes? That’s the sad part – there is no logic to any of this just shameless stupidity to come forward and make these statements on national TV and papers.

      Someone on the website commented and called these men – “retards” to which the author of the post said : “Let’s not bring the mentally disabled into this. These men are perfectly aware of what they are saying. That is the problem.”

      • This is just blame shifting. And khap panchyat is way extreme. But this is not very different from what urban population with “modern” education thinks. Which is telling. The way to change this attitude is by putting women in positions of power (and hence the reservation), which will construct the idea of dealing with them more humanly.

  2. Very true. That is probably the solution. I feel exactly the same – women must rise to power in different sectors and capacities for this nonsense to stop. But my question is that must we achieve this through reservation only? Wouldn’t it be better if we let competence speak for itself, because if women rise through Affirmative Action/Reservations etc, the criticism would always be there – that a woman made it to the top because she’s pretty or that she’s very friendly with co-workers. Men and Women should compete the on same ground minus the biases.

    Recently I read another very interesting article on : “The real reason why more women don’t rise to the top of companies”


    America’s biggest companies hire women to fill just over half of entry-level professional jobs. But those women fail to advance proportionally: they occupy only 28% of senior managerial posts, 14% of seats on executive committees and just 3% of chief-executive roles, according to McKinsey & Company, a consultancy. The figures are worse still at big European firms, which is perhaps why the governments of Belgium, France, Italy and Norway have set quotas for women on boards. The European Commission is threatening to impose such rules across the EU. It would be better if women could rise naturally to senior executive roles rather than being forced on to boards. But how can this be done when everything tried so far seems to have failed?

    • When we say things like it’s an unfortunate reality in this country and I know it is, I feel on some level we’re showing acceptance to the situation and that I think is far more unfortunate and sickening.

      When senator Todd Akin made an inappropriate comment on “legitimate rape”, the US as a nation condemned it. There were widespread calls for him to withdraw from the Senate race and he was forced to apologize publicly to the entire nation.

      I’ve been there and felt like that- like this is how it is and we will have to live with it. But for long are we going to blame their illiteracy and backwardness for these comments in national media? Why are we making excuses for them? As a nation, we have to show collective resistance – and stand up for the things that are simply NOT acceptable.

      Now, how we do that – is where all our rage should be channeled.

  3. This is a problem of every society (in some its not visible) and every time it went beyond acceptable limits, there has been a revolt. You can’t keep a group or community suppressed for long. One day they will speak and we will see a feminine revolution, similar to what happened in the US around 1950 or 60. There has been a drastic change in the status of women in American society after that.

  4. Rape is akin to torture. These are not just “tasteless, stupid, and ignorant comments from misguided politicians; rather, they are unforgivable attempts to condone a violent act that brutalizes, maims, humiliates, and destroys its victims.

    How dare these politicians make statements calling rape “easy, enjoyable, and a result of eating chow mein? Rape is an invasion of the body, mind, and spirit. with lasting, damaging consequences. This so-called hormonal imbalance “urge” to rape is more like a primitive basic instinct, a social aggressive behavior that hasn’t evolved since cavemen times.

    What is truly shocking is that this attitude is prevalent not only in India today but in the supposedly emancipated U.S. What can women do except fight back. Run for office, oust these idiots, and lead the way.

    I applaud you, Chaitra, for tackling this difficult subject.

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