Abhi na jao chod kar….

Invariably every sunday, when I’m in a mood for elaborate cooking….I realized that I queue up the same songs every time; individually picking them across various folders <some strange and unexplainable sense of dislike for playlists>. But yeah, I noticed that I wind up with almost the same set of songs every single time.  My appreciation for the songs, their beautiful lyrics woven into soulful melodies seems to grow with time. Now this post was going to be a list of those songs but for some strange reason I don’t feel like putting them out there. This desire to not share is maybe mildly influenced by Mr Wilde’s quote and more importantly where the quote came to me from.

“When I like people immensely, I never tell their names to any one. It is like surrendering a part of them.”

Anyway, but there is one song I couldn’t refrain from writing about. This song in its entirety has to be one the most beautiful songs of all time.  It’s a classic  from the 1960’s hit movie Hum Dono rendered by Mohammed Rafi & Asha Bhosle. Actually there are a lot of things that come to me, when I hear this song, but this one thought here is quite predominant.

Abhi na jao chod kar…Ye dil abhi bhara nahi..

My parents have their morning tea together always at around 6 AM and sometimes even earlier. They sit together and talk about this and that. I don’t know exactly what as I’ve never been up that early or even if I am up studying for some exam etc, I don’t join in as I’ve always felt this is their thing :). But every time the tea time comes to an end especially on a week day, I always see my dad coaxing my mom to stay for some more time. He generally has no strong reason to convince her for the extra five minute stay because the tea is done, they’ve had over an hour of chat and plus mom has a lot of stuff to do before she leaves for work. But he always insists and she almost always gives in. That frame stands captured in my mind….the big couch, a tray with tea cups and both of them talking….. Since my father has a transferable job, we’ve moved houses many times, but this  scene remains intact. The houses change, position of the couch changes, the upholstery changes but them sitting together conversing and enjoying their tea….that’s been the same for almost 26 years now. After being with a person for almost 26 years, day in and day out if you still feel like hanging out, talking for a bit more with that person……I think you’ve had a very fulfilling life, one to be really thankful for…:)…..

Jo khatm ho kisi jagah, ye aisa silsila nahi….


13 thoughts on “Abhi na jao chod kar….

  1. I love all the uncle-aunty stories :) You can have a tab ‘humor at home’ like the ‘humor in uniform’ :)
    Wish both of ’em many more yrs of tea and chats :) (And for you the extra 5 min sleep while they are still taking)

    • @ Anagha : Sure I could, but I’m pretty sure Ma will sue me for putting ‘their’ stories on the world wide web…. :)

      @Shikha : That definitely wasn’t my intention….. If it makes you feel any better, I downloaded all your recommendations. :)

  2. Hi Kunchi…. Papa called out to me excitedly this morning to show me your blog about our tea session every morning. Both of us read through it grinning from ear to ear,though I was getting late. Our daily morning drill is looking so enticing in your words! We love our tea cum gup time for sure. Not to forget our alternate trips to your room to wake up our sleeping beauty. No, I’m not going to sue you for this, both of us really loved it. Thank you chums. :)

    • Ma….glad you liked it. I’m actually surprised how I never mentioned this to you in person. :) And yes, your chit-chat session always helped me buy extra 5-10 minutes of sleep….:)

  3. Hi Chaitra,

    Lovely story about your parents and their morning tea/chat. What a great idea for folks everywhere. This connection between people is the crux of life, yet so few realize it. Your post reminds me of my highway post – the endless rush to get somewhere else. Then that somewhere else is not appreciated. We’re just galloping to the ends of our lives … G.

    • Very thoughtful comment Giulietta……. It’s almost amusing, that compulsive rush to keep moving, as if some clock is ticking somewhere……. Reminds me of a quote I recently discovered…

      We live in an almost perfect stillness and work with incredible urgency. – Rem Koolhaas

  4. that is the most beautiful thing i have read. anything about parents , does hit home for many of us and you have captured that beautifully.it is indeed a blessing to witness this love and we can do our best to keep that living in our day.may god bless your family. and keep up with the writing. i was not joking before you should write a book.it will be national /international seller. and i would be proud to tell everyone that i know the author. ;)))

    • Rashmi, thank you so much…. :) Remember we talked about the whole marriage dialogue from ‘Shall we dance?’…..it’s kinda fits when we look at our parents.

      And about the last two lines…….Thank you, it helped me levitate for 5 full minutes in air…. :D

  5. What a wonderful relationship your parents must have so that after 26 years, they start the day with each other, talking to each other. In today’s world, too many marriages lose this contact along the way, both rushing off in different directions. It used to be that couples would sit and just talk, like your parents, but now, many can’t be bothered to make the time. And companionship is the basis for a good relationship.

    Like you, I’m also reluctant to share my list of favorite songs. Maybe because of the memories they hold for me – personal ones that are too precious or intimate to share.

    • Penelope,

      It’s immensely gratifying looking at them now….I went through almost two decades without really understanding what they shared, now that I’m a (lil) grown up :) …..I’ve truly come to appreciate its value considering its rarity into todays world….

      About the songs, Bingo….. too ‘precious’ to be put out there….. :)

    • Absolutely Sonia…..it’s a great model, also a pretty difficult one to live up to…… :)
      Co-incidentally it’s pretty much inline with your guest blog abt marriage…

      Thanks for dropping by….

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