You’re invited…. :)

And here it comes, the invite for our much talked about <only by us, the organizers :)> end of the year event. The card has been designed by the 2009 fellow in our school, it’s his last year <actually last few weeks> in school. The event theme is based on his class – The Superstars.

The Invitation_EOY Showcase 2011


Event Schedule : 

1. Introduction
2. Play : Snow White and the six dwarfs <Class 2 and 3>
3. Best student of the year award : Class 2
4. Pair Dancing : Little Boxes <Class 2 and 3>
5. Best student of the year award : Class 3
6. Skit : Our moments in the Classroom <Class 4>
7. Dance : Waving Flag Song <Class 4>
8. Awards and Recognition : Students of Class 4
9. Closing
The list looks big, but actually it’s a very simple event. The idea was for us as teachers to understand how to work with kids and get a general picture of the logistics invloved in organizing such an event. The idea is get a lot more kids involved and plan something on a larger scale for our next and last year in school.
Anyway, so if you are in the city, please do come join us to applaud the weeks of hard work these little kids have put in. And incase, you aren’t in the city, well…just wish us luck, from whichever part of the world you are in. We really need it. :)
PS : Well, incase you are wondering why it’s just six dwarfs and not seven, let’s just say we had severe behaviour management issues with the seventh dwarf and unfortunately we had to let our violent little dwarf go. :(

8 thoughts on “You’re invited…. :)

  1. This is soo… not fair : poor little 7th dwarf !
    Hope this event gives each kid their piece of being a “Rock Star”.
    -Best luck.

  2. Well, somethings have to be done, even if they make you look like the ‘bad guy’…. :)

    Thanks a lot for the wishes!

  3. Thanks for the invitation but due to travel problems, I will not be able to attend. I hope you and Snow White and the 6 dwarfs and all the other participants have a memorable performance, and wish you the best of luck.

  4. hi thr…..

    am in b’lore so wont b able to come dear….bt loads of good luck to u..need nt say u must hv put in lot of effort n energy into this…do send the pics to me…

  5. Chaitra, I wish you all the best and GOOD LUCK TODAY, and thanks so much for your long comment on my blog about, “Why do we allow girls to dress like this?” Sonia.

    • Thanks Sonia…. Glad you visited.

      The idea of that post resonated with me, found it very engaging…. I’ll be visiting for more updates. :)

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