Fort Tikona

It had been one entire year since I’d gone trekking and I missed it. So this Sunday while casually having a conversation with a friend when the possibility of visiting Tikona Fort came up, I jumped at the idea. Its fun to have a big group for a trek but it’s a task coordinating it. So we decided to skip all that and just go. So it was just the two of us and the bike.

Location : Fort Tikona is located near Kamshet about at a distance of about 60 Kms from Pune.

Route : Chandani Chowk-Paud-Kolvan- Javan-Tikona Peth. We surpassed the Pawna Dam route and this route took us about one and a half hours.

Food : Javan is a village about two kilometres short of the base village from where we started climbing the fort. There are a lot of shops around there where you have can your standard trek breakfast : Pohe and Chai. <It was the best pohe I’ve had in six months. Pohe seems to be my primary motivation to sign up for any trek :)>. Tikona is a half day trek, so you can have lunch on your way back or at Pune directly.

We started climbing at 9 AM and after a lot of rest and chit-chatting breaks we got to the top of the fort at about 10:30 AM. Though Fort Tikona is about 3500 metres in height, the climb is relatively hassle-free. It was my first trek after a break of one year, and I didn’t feel physically exhausted at all. We reached the Balle Killa at about 11 AM. Since it was Mahashivratri that day, there were celebrations in the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Mandir on the Balle Killa.

Balle Killa

It was also pleasing to see that some of the trekking organizations are working towards the repair and resurrection of these forts. On this particular fort, an organization called ‘Shivaji Trails’ has restructured the railings and staircases leading up to the Balle Killa. These staircases are pretty steep, addition of these railings has definitely improved safety. Ofcourse, trek enthusiasts will continue to grumble about construction of staircases on forts, they believe that it takes away from the thrill of climbing  tricky patches. :) But lesser mortals like me are not complaining. :)

Satircase leading upto Balle Killa

We spent an hour walking around Balle Killa having limboo sharbat and checking out the scenic view. This fort is open on three sides, its pyramidal in shape and apparently that’s why it is called Tikona <triangular in shape>. We were back in Pune by 3 PM and we decided to have lunch in the city and then head back home.

A temple of Lord Hanuman with “Panvati”the devil at his foot.

Glory in solitude

It was a day constructively spent. I have decided that 2011 will not be a dry year for my Trek Diaries like 2010 was. I’m looking forward to the next one already :).

PS : Anand, great pictures as always. Thanks for sharing.