As kids see it…:)

If I’ve not mentioned before, Abhay is the chubbiest, cutest kid in my class <or in the whole world :)>. All the girls in the class love pulling his cheeks. They are unfortunately following my footsteps in this respect. Anyway, so yesterday I was correcting Abhay’s notebook at my table,

Muskan <with eyes full of affection> : Didi, Abhay is so BEAUTIFUL no?

Me : Muskan, Girls are beautiful…..Boys are handsome.

Sakshi was next in line to get her book checked. On hearing what I said, she seemed to have had an “Eureka” moment…… she jumped up with excitement….

Sakshi : Didi! Abhay is a GIRL!!

Such simple line of logic. Abhay is beautiful. Girls are beautiful. Abhay is a girl. Hence proved.

Her conclusion was not nearly as hilarious as the look on Abhay’s face. He was still basking in glory of a compliment……he was beautiful. :)


It happened finally. Salman wrote his first story. No guidance, no prompts, not even a suggestion from anyone. He did it on his own. He was after my life since morning to read it. Finally, I read it in the lunch break when all the kids were out. I really liked it and wrote a little note in his book along with a star and put it back on his desk. He came in after the lunch break and I was busy writing something on the board.

Salman : You read my story?

Me : Yes, I did. It was great. Good job!

He turned back to go to his seat but came back to immediately.

Salman : You read my story???

Me : I just told you ……. I did.

He stood there unsatisfied with the response, unsure what to do. Then he came up with a CFU . <A check for MY understanding> :)

Salman : Who are the characters in the story? …TELL!

I had to stop doing whatever I was doing and turn back. This boy was something else. He really wanted to make sure, so he cross questioned me to get the answer. I was stumped. :) Anyway, I did list out the characters in the story. He seemed satisfied after that and went back to his seat.


We were doing a game around adjectives in class and the kids had to say the first noun that came to their mind when they heard an adjective. Say for example; I say STRONG and a kid would say the first thing that struck them …… an elephant or father or anything like that.

So I said, SOFT…..And Salman’s hand shot up in the air. <Point to be noted, his name is Salman Khan>

Me : Yes Salman, What do you think would be soft?

Salman : Didi, Katrina Kaif is soft…..

I was just coming to terms with Salman Khan finding Katrina Kaif soft….just then I heard Sagar standing up and yelling. What Salman said seemed to have angered Sagar very much.

Sagar : How you know he soft? You not touch he. <He meant to say she not he , we’re still working on the pronouns :) >

Salman <offended that his claim had been challenged openly> : I touch. I touch……I go to my Tuition teacher’s house….there I touch.


Today in class while I was teaching, I suddenly saw Ramesh making the victory-sign with his fingers and waving it at me. We do a lot of team games in class and the kids are very competitive about making their teams win.

Me : Yes Ramesh, your team can win today. :). You just have to try!

I went back to teaching but I noticed him again doing precisely that again, only this time the waving got more violent. Then the other kids explained to me where Ramesh needs to go and what he wishes to do there.

Me : Ok Ramesh, please take the boys toilet pass and go!

Ramesh left and suddenly Navin was in splits, he was laughing uncontrollably. I asked him what happened. This is what he said;

Navin : Didi……Pratibha Patil <pointing to a chart in class>….girls toilet pass!! And went back to  laughing uncontrollably again.

I looked up to the chart and got what he meant, this was the picture in the chart.

The misinterpreted victory sign.... :)


Apologies Mrs President, apparently this is as kids see it….

PS : I’m aware of the fact that a lot of stuff in this series may seem like situational humour – funny to only those present there. Someone used to say this to me a lot; “Well, atleast you amuse yourself” :). I think that’s pretty much the purpose of these pieces being here. I do hope that you get a few laughs out of this, but if you don’t…. well….. :)


2 thoughts on “As kids see it…:)

  1. The differences between countries is always much more amusing because we are so use to our own ways. It’s innocent amusement when we discover that something so silly to us could mean something entirely different in anther country.

    Great idea to post these simple but lovely differences.

    • Hey Alivia, thanks for dropping in. Absolutely, the differences part is very true but I guess in any part of the world…. kids have an ability to see things for what they are….

      Sometimes it’s too blunt for us as adults to handle, I guess that is where the humour comes in… :)

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