Point duly noted….Sir!

Today in the morning  I was overseeing the kids getting into line just before the assembly and one of my naughtiest kids’ Salman comes up to me and gives me a note wrapped in a gold dairy milk cover….. I read it and even when I was looking down at that little piece of paper, I could feel the weight of his expectant eyes on me. I couldn’t help smiling after reading it……:)

This was the note…

The sixth note… :)

These days I’ve been on the edge especially with respect to this one kid who’s been always been a bit of a bully in class. But off late, his violent streak has gone up considerably. I mean he’s not only beating up the kids in our class but also eating up tiffin boxes of 1st grade kids. So just to tell him to tone it down, I’ve been using the word “angry” a lot. The reason for using this word repeatedly is because I’d just introduced this word in last week’s TPRS session and I know that  kids understand this word.  I truly appreciate his feedback but on a completely unrelated note the teacher part of me is super happy that he’s written a flawless set of sentences with a couple of big words too.

Anyway, point duly noted Salman. Didi will definitely try to tone down the anger and hopefully still look nice when not angry. :)


5 thoughts on “Point duly noted….Sir!

    • I did….. Told him him it was very ‘smart’ of him to put the thing he actually wanted to say with a pleasant slip-on….. :)

  1. I think its really cute. Papa and I had a hearty laugh. Small children don’t know sarcasm… this is pure innocence.Take the compliment my dear…. :)

    • @Ma…It’s definitely cute. But it’s also an attempt from his end to tell me that I’m being too short tempered in class these days…. :)

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