Goonj collection centre, Pune (JGW2010)

The Joy of Giving Week 2010 is making waves across the country, and this blog piece is aimed at encouraging your participation for a worthy cause.

Under the flagship JGW, GOONJ– (Delhi) is driving a nation wide campaign of Vastra Samman.

Vastra Samman: As the name suggests, this GOONJ initiative involves collection of clothes, repairing, segregating and transporting it to the relevant center for distribution. The clothes are segregated on the basis of geographical, cultural and social norms of the region (For example : half sleeved shirts with a little check to South India, salwar suits to muslim dominated areas or hills, and gowns to West Benga l- ensuring optimum utilization of the material as in West Bengal women in villages wear a gown in the day time also). More importantly, clothes are not given away for free, they are earned by the needy individuals in rural India i.e. every individual needs to perform certain amount of physical labor or shram dan for a task (Like road repair, plantation & cleanliness drives) that would lead to the betterment of the locality/community, in short the concept of Swaraj.

What you can do:

  1. Clean up your closet for starters. :)
  2. Pull out clothes, old shoes that are not of any use to you.
  3. Contact the collection centre and work out a convenient time to drop off your contribution.
  4. Please do not procrastinate, five minutes of your closet clean-up can make a world of difference to someone. (In most cases the desire to contribute is strong, but lethargy takes over. Let that not happen :))

Deadline :

This campaign is on from 26th September 2010 to 2nd October 2010.

Why should you do it?

Apart from this being Joy of Giving week, the one reason that you should participate in this nationwide campaign is that Goonj is a credible NGO. Your contribution is sure to reach the right place and make the desired impact. Please do visit the site to know more.
If you wish to contribute, my house is one of the 15 collection centres for Pune for the Joy of Giving week. Drop me an e-mail at with the subject as ‘Goonj contribution’ and I’ll get back to you and have you connected to the collection centre that is most convenient for you to drop in.

Its time to gear up, to feel the joy, to spread the word and to jump into action! Remember, every drop counts.



12 December 2011
I’ve got over 50 odd emails from interested generous donors through this post, so I thought I’ll put up this updated information here.
First of all, Thank you for your interest. I was a volunteer with Goonj only for last year’s (2010) Joy of Giving Week.  Incase you wish to contribute now, I would suggest that you get in touch with the organization directly and get your queries sorted.
Goonj is a wonderful organization and you can be rest assured that your contribution will go into the right hands.  Here are details for Goonj Pune Center :
The website;
Happy Giving!
– Chaitra

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